James Tunick
James Tunick's digital agency StudioIMC builds software for the Outernet that invites audience participation with billboards, movie screens, and other screens via video tracking, cell phone, and voice. Tunick is creator of the following software products for StudioIMC:
IMCtv (patent pending) is advanced interactive media player software for digital screens & interactive advertising. See www.StudioIMC.com
IMCmobile is mobile software that ties into traditional ads as well as IMCtv screens. See www.StudioIMC.com
IMCfaceplate (patent pending) is software that accurately tracks how many people have looked at a billboard or screen. See www.IMCfaceplate.com
IMCspace is a 3D visualization tool that integrates with IMCtv & IMCmobile. See www.StudioIMC.com
James Tunick's artworks are about the need for free speech in public spaces. The works invite audience particiaption and combine media such as immersive video, sculpture, AI, 3D, gaming, and spatial sound. See videos of some of Tunick's interactive installations on The IMC Lab Youtube page or on his personal Youtube channel.
Solo StudioIMC Shows
    2009: 3rd IMC Exposition, StudioIMC Lab & Gallery, New York, NY, USA
    2006: Beyond TV, The Paley Center for Media (formely the Museum of TV & Radio), New York, NY, USA
    2005: 2nd IMC Exposition, The Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY, USA
    2004: Convergence, The Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY, USA
    2003: 1st IMC Exposition, Remote Lounge, New York, NY, USA
Group Shows
    2011: ABOUT FACE - No Longer Empty, New Museum Festival of Ideas for the New City, New York, NY, USA
    2010: Digital Art @ Google: We Write This to You From the Distant Future, Google Inc., New York, NY, USA
    2010: The World in 100 Years, Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria
    2009: Add-Art, Eyebeam, New York, NY, USA
    2009: Artists and Innovators for the Environment, Streaming Museum, 7 Continents
    2008: From Fluxus to Media Art, Maya Stendhal Gallery, New York, NY, USA
    2007: Stereovision, USF Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa, FL, USA
    2002: 9/11 interactive memorial sculpture "WHY", in large format photograph in 9/11 exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).
    2006: Park of the Future proposal for interactive art works in a park in LA finalist in compeitions with UCSD and featured in the LA Times.
    2005: CINE (Collaborative Immersive Networked Environment) finalist in SOP III Design Competition w/ Yale Law School & Harvard Berkman Center.
    2004: Infinite City published in Jean-Marc Gauthier's book, "Virtual Sets and Pre-Visualization for Games, Movies and the Web" (2005).
    2001: 9/11 Sculpture featured in full page photograph in Rolling Stone Magazine, November 22nd issue.
James Tunick's computer music compositions are used as soundtracks for interactive video installations in Times Square, artworks in museums, and immersive environments in movie theaters, as well as in several short films.

Tunick is an avid Web developer. He has built many dynamic Web applications, social platforms, and content management systems for clients large and small. Most of his Web work can be found at Web5design.com
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Social Media
NRDC Facebook Application
Green Day/NRDC Social Marketing
JAMES A. TUNICK is a programmer, artist, & entrepreneur. He is owner of two software companies & a digital art gallery / research lab in New York City. His work merges creativity & technology, public spaces & the Web.

Tunick is founder of the agency StudioIMC (www.StudioIMC.com), which makes software for big screens in public spaces. StudioIMC technologies for the "Outernet" power the world's 1st network of interactive movie screens, as well as billboards in Times Square, concerts, & stadiums for clients like Sony, Verizon, U.S. Army, Heineken, Clear Channel, Live Nation, National Amusements, & NBA teams.

Tunick is also CEO of the Web software firm, Web5design (www.Web5design.com), which builds enterprise Web applications & cloud collaboration software for clients like United Nations, the Federal Government, NY Senate, NBC Universal, Columbia University, Teach for America, John Wiley & Sons, Asia Society, Fast Company, NRDC, & Green Day.

Tunick also owns the media art space, The IMC Lab + Gallery (www.TheIMClab.com), which is a research lab & digital art gallery in New York City. The IMC Lab invests in technology companies & supports artists & programmers focused on areas such as creative software tools, data visualizations, & interactive art installations. Notable art / technology shows Tunick has produced include "The IMC Exposition" (www.IMCexpo.net), held at the IMC Lab + Gallery, & "Beyond TV" held in the Spielberg Gallery at the Paley Center for Media (previously named The Museum of TV & Radio) in New York City, as well as other shows across the U.S. & Europe. He has also been published extensively, he has patents pending, & his work has been featured in MoMA, Ars Electronica Center, Yale University, Chelsea Art Museum, New Museum, Eyebeam, Streaming Museum, USF Contemporart Art Museum, as well as in Rollingstone Magazine, LA Times, NY Observer, NY1 News, The Discovery Channel, & other news outlets. His work has also been published in the book, Virtual Sets and Pre-Visualization for Games, Movies and the Web, by Jean-Marc Gauthier, Focal Press (2004). His software work has also appeared in movie theaters, in stadiums, & on billboards across the US, in Times Square, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, & Europe.

Tunick attended Yale University as an undergraduate & he received his Masters in New Media from NYU Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).

Phone: 917-446-8116
Email: JTunick@StudioIMC.com
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/jamestunick
LinkedIn: LinkedIn